These companies carry all products and services approved and endorsed by Professor Doctor Zavos!

The Andrology Institute of America


The Andrology Institute of America (AIA) is a one of its kind institution that excels in all that it does. By combining cutting edge technologies with four decades of experience, the experts at the Andrology Institute of America are dedicated to helping couples overcome the challenges of infertility. AIA is a global entity committed in helping you achieve your fertility goals. At AIA our motto is, "People are our business and the World is our market".


FertMart is the eCommerce destination for all your fertility products and supplement needs. Recognized as a world leader in the field of human infertility treatment, FertMart is part of our continuously growing  network of affiliates  where we created the concept of "One Stop Shopping" for All of Your Fertility Needs! 

Thera Stem Cells

Our mission at Thera Stem Cells Clinic is based upon the principle belief that quality of life for our patients can be improved through stem cell therapy. Therefore, we stand ready to provide you with the latest and most exclusive regenerative therapies.

We are a team of medical researchers and practitioners who have an outstanding track record and are totally dedicated in offering safe and effective treatments in our point-of-care facilities. Tradition is one of our motivational goals.


Fertility Technologies International Inc.

The Fertility Technologies International (FTI) is a global company with its headquarters located in the historic Lexington Kentucky, USA with affiliates worldwide. FTI and Its Reproductive Health Affiliates aim to unify professional integrity and unsurpassed quality with exceptional customer service and sensible pricing. They take pride in serving the World and all of its reproductive products  needs. We are the best because we put people first.

The International Institute for Gender Selection

At the International Institute for Gender Selection, along with all its partners at the Andrology Institute of America and other affiliates we aim to do your family balancing via gender selection utilizing PGD methods or other modern sperm sorting techniques.  Our infertility doctors, under the direction of Prof. Zavos, are specialists in reproductive medicine and have been practicing what they do for the last 40 years. Their expertise goes around the World and it is unsurpassed by any other advanced fertility promotion and gender selection programs/clinics. 

Zavos Scientific

Zavos Scientific is a subsidiary of the sister company, Andrology Institute of America, with its headquarters located in the MENA Region of Dubai (UAE) with various affiliates located worldwide. Zavos Scientific and our other reproductive health affiliates aim to unify professional integrity and unsurpassed quality of products with exceptional customer service and sensible pricing.